Mating Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs.
Hi folks!
Two pictures, one of Boxelder Bugs (Boisea trivittata) mating for your Bug love page, and one of a box elder nymph. Sending you the full sized pics so you may crop as needed. They’re also called Garage Bugs, and oddly enough, these bugs were on my garage door!
Cheryl-Anne Miller

Hi Cheryl-Anne,
Thanks for contributing to our Boxelder Bug archive.

Comment: (07/02/2008) THANK YOU..
hahah im so glad you guys answered the boxelder bug question 9078787697867657956 times. i spent all day trying to figure out what they were to see if they were harmful and your site is the only one that helped me.
p.s. im also glad you don’t offer extermination advice. i love bugs. keep up the good work guys.

3 thoughts on “Mating Boxelder Bugs”

  1. I have seen these at my Great Grandmas in Salt Lake and always thought they were so cool but never knew what they were.

    I have the same feelings about bugs. I love them and am glad you do not offer extermination advice or even give it. thank you so much.

  2. You wouldn’t think they were cool if they invaded your home. They wake us up at night crawling all over our faces, head, neck and anything else exposed. Woke up yesterday morning with one crawling on my eye.

    Can’t get rid of them because they love box elder and ash trees and we have an abundance of both in our neighborhood.

    • I only recall finding them ‘cool’ when they were outside the house. When they were inside, I wanted to get them out. They belong outside, not in the house. Nevertheless, I am still grateful for them.


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