Mating Blister Beetles

Steamboat Rock State Park WA red headed bugs
Can you tell me what these bugs are that my daughter and son-in-law saw on a shrub on top of 800′ Steamboat Rock that rises above Steamboat Rock State Park on Banks Lake in Eastern Washington State just south of Grand Coulee Dam?
Thank you,

Hi Genelle,
This photo of mating Blister Beetles looks like
Lytta magister. In checking BugGuide, we found that all the images of this insect were from Arizona. We are getting a second opinion.

Ed. Note:  September 9, 2018
We just posted a new submission for a Blister Beetle from Washington that resembles a Master Blister Beetle, and we believe that this documentation and the newly posted documentation are both Lytta vulnerata based on images posted to BugGuide.

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