Mating Ambush Bugs

Subject: Mystery Love Bugs
Location: Andover, NJ
June 5, 2013 10:59 am
Hoping you can identify these two happy little insects for me. I photographed them this morning on a wild daisy in Andover (northern) NJ. The daisy was about 1 1/2 inches across, which gives you an idea how tiny these little insects were – I couldn’t really make them out well with the naked eye. The daisy was trail-side near a lake.
Hope you can figure it out!
Signature: Deborah Bifulco

Mating Ambush Bugs
Mating Ambush Bugs

Hi Deborah,
We apologize for the delay.  We were on holiday and we are now trying to make a small dent in the 100s of identification requests that arrived during our absence from the office.  These are mating Ambush Bugs.  Ambush Bugs were once classified in their own family, but recent taxonomy has downgraded them to a subfamily, Phymatinae, of the Assassin Bugs.  Ambush Bugs frequently stalk their prey on the blossoms of flowers.

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  1. In New Jersey, these will be either Phymata a. americana or P. pennsylvanica. Leaning toward the former in this case.


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