Head of an ant and body of a beetle!
Location: Northern Oregon
September 19, 2011 10:49 am
My friend took this up at her work in Northern Oregon…we have no idea what it is and I’ve looked through a bunch of pictures trying to find it! Any ideas?
Signature: Laura

Master Blister Beetle

Hi Laura,
We are guessing this is not a recent photo.  Most of the photos we receive of Master Blister Beetles,
Lytta magister, arrive in the spring, and they also hail from the deserts of California and Arizona, though we have received a submission from Washington.  We like to utilize the range data on BugGuide, but alas, the site is currently unavailable.

Thank you for your help! The photo was recent- she took it yesterday, but a friend suggested it was a fire-colored beetle (Pyrochroid) and after looking a pictures online- it does resemble many of them. Not sure if that’s it or not, but it does look like it! And I’m not sure what time of year they normally come out but she saw it September 19th 2011. Thanks again for your response! Y’all have a great site!

We are certain that this is a Master Blister Beetle and NOT a fire colored beetle.

Location: Oregon

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  1. bugaboo says:

    I photographed Master Blister Beetles feeding (and mating) on rabbitbrush flowers in Eastern Idaho on 9/10/2011. Their range is definitely not just Mojave and Colorado deserts as indicated on BugGuide and they are active here in the fall, obviously. Perhaps they have been poorly documented or have expanded their range?

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for your perspective. Should you decide to send us your photos, please use the normal submission form and title the email Master Blister Beetles from Idaho.

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