Unseasonably Late Bug of the Month November 2011: Mason Wasp

Mystery (to me) hornet
Location: Deep southern Illinois
October 31, 2011 3:12 pm
While hiking the other day I found this ”hornet” alone and chilly early one sunny day. Can you let me know what kind of bug this chilly fellow is?
Signature: JimmyDean

Potter Wasp

Dear JimmyDean,
This is a Potter or Mason Wasp in the subfamily Eumeninae, though we are uncertain if Potter Wasp and Mason Wasp are synonymous or if they are two distinct groups within the family.  We believe we identified your Potter Wasp or Mason Wasp as
Pseudodynerus quadrisectus, based on photos posted to BugGuide which states it “Nests in borings made in wood, preys on caterpillars” and that it is found from “June-September (North Carolina)”.  Your individual was sighted significantly late in the season.  Perhaps a change in weather patterns is responsible.

Editor’s Note:  If you have a late Potter Wasp or other insect sighting, please submit it.

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