Masked Hunter squashed in Canada

Subject: Ive never seen anything like this!
Location: Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada
May 8, 2013 8:57 pm
I found this bug on my living room floor today. I have a 9month old daughter so luckily I keep my floors very clean as she’s crawling, so she’s playing and I see this thing dart out from under the tv heading quickly for her, I grabbed her and killed it quickly with wtv I could grab. First off it was hard to kill, kind of almost flat considering how big it is (in one photo, that is my pointer finger, I have big hands for a girl) after squishing it to the floor I picked it up in a baby wipe and had to squish it more as it was still alive, resilient thing it is as you can see after all that squishing it is still in one piece!! So, it looks like the body of a bed bug, arms of a praying mantic, I can’t see any eyes and it’s ’mouth’ as you can see it like a straw, two tiny wings on its back that look like they never fully formed, and OMG I’m so creeped out. Also before I squised it the first time it seemed to be covered in a grey layer o f fuzzy dust like a moth!! If you look on the wipe you can still kinda see the layer of dust stuff….. I live in Windsor Nova Scotia Canada, this it the weirdest creepiest thing I have ever seen and I grew up with cock roaches! I kept the dead body incase lol do I need to be worried? Can this thing harm my child? That ’mouth’ it has looks like it could do some serioud damage……Thank you!!
Signature: Krystaldawn

Masked Hunter
Masked Hunter

Dear Krystaldawn,
This is an immature Masked Hunter, a species of Assassin Bug.  The “grey layer of fuzzy dust” was really a layer of dust.  Masked Hunters have sticky surfaces that attract dust and help to camouflage the Masked Hunter.  Masked Hunters will bite if carelessly handled, and the bite can be painful, but it is not dangerous.  Masked Hunters are beneficial predators that will prey undesirable creatures in your home.

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