Masked Hunter Imago

Kill number 4
Location: South East Michigan
July 2, 2011 3:30 am
I’ve been finding these in my base ment and they seem to have come with the warm weather..what’s this bug?!
Signature: Carl

Adult Masked Hunter

Hi Carl,
A major part of our mission is to educate the public regarding the lower beasts in order to promote knowledge and tolerance.  This is an adult Masked Hunter, a species of Assassin Bug.  They are important predators that are frequently found near dwellings.  They are also called Bed Bug Hunters, no doubt because they feed upon those thirsty bloodsuckers that prevent so many folks from getting a good night’s sleep.  Immature Masked Hunters have a sticky body surface that attracts all manner of dust and debris which effectively camouflages them or masks them in their surroundings.  Interestingly, adults are not sticky, perhaps because debris would prevent them from flying effectively.  If you have a thriving population of Masked Hunters in your basement, they must have a plentiful food source, and eliminating the predators may cause the prey to overrun your home.  Caution should be exercised in handling Masked Hunters as well as other Assassin Bugs as they are capable of producing a painful bite.

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