Masked Hunter bites person in Canada

Subject: Bug Identification
Location: Montreal, Canada
July 26, 2017 10:12 pm
Hello! I’m curious if you could identify this bug. I live in Montreal, Canada. Especially in the urban zones, we usually don’t have heavy stingers here except bees and wasps (as far as i know). Found this one in the sink hidden into a piece of cloth and he got me when i squeezed the cloth. This one bite or sting was very painful. (red dot, i suppose its a sting) not much inflammation, juste intense burn.
Hey thank you for info !! Never saw that bug before
Signature: DR

Masked Hunter

Dear DR,
This is an adult Masked Hunter, an introduced species that has adapted well to surviving indoors with humans where the immature nymphs camouflage themselves with dust.  Though not aggressive, Masked Hunters will bite if threatened.  They are predators that will help keep other small unwanted intruders like cockroaches and bed bugs under control.  According to BugGuide, Bed Bug Hunter is another common name.

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