Masked Hunter, we believe

Subject: Corsair or masked assassin?
Location: Vermont
July 16, 2016 9:23 pm
In Vermont…on my pillow…next to my face…please help me identify!
Signature: Rachael

Probably Masked Hunter
Probably Masked Hunter

Dear Rachael,
In our opinion, this looks more like an adult Masked Hunter than a Black Corsair.  If you compare your individual to this image of a Black Corsair on BugGuide, you see that the latter is a heavier bodied insect with more substantial sucking mouthparts and fleshy pads on the front legs.  The Masked Hunters on BugGuide have more slender legs like your individual.  Additionally, immature lint covered Masked Hunters are frequently found indoors, while Black Corsairs tend to be outdoor insects, though BugGuide indicates they are attracted to lights.  Though neither species is dangerous to humans, they do bite relatively readily if carelessly handled. 

Thank you so much for such a speedy response!  Your site is amazing.
Although now I feel paranoid about bed bugs as it seems the Masked Hunters seek those out…!
My very best,

Yes, but they feed on other insects as well, and they will kill any Bed Bugs they find.

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