Subject: Strange beetle
Location: Just south of Spokane between Spokane-Cheney road and the 195
August 19, 2015 8:16 pm
I’ve never seen a beetle like this before. I found it on the wall in my house. It’s coloring very closely matched the wall, and before I saw it move, I thought it might just be a left over exoskeleton because it looked so porous and the abdomen was very thin. It almost looked as though it had a sprayed on coating.
Signature: Thomas

Masked Hunter

Masked Hunter

Dear Thomas,
This is a Masked Hunter and it is not a beetle.  This immature Assassin Bug has a sticky exoskeleton that attracts dust and debris, effectively camouflaging the Masked Hunter in its surroundings.  Masked Hunters have adapted to life with humans.  They might bite if carelessly handled, but they are effective predators.

Location: Spokane, Washington

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