Masked Hunter

Subject: Carpet Insect
Location: Ottawa, Ontario Canada
January 5, 2015 4:20 pm
Hi there,
I was vacuuming a carpet and I saw this little critter scuttling away. I had to take a picture before it disappeared behind the baseboard, so it’s not the greatest angle. However, hopefully I can give a few details to make up for it.
It was a little smaller than a dime, but roughly that size. It was on a carpet and I thought at first that it was a chewed up piece of gum, if that helps with size determination at all.
It was crab-like and almost purely white, though if it did have any spots on its shell they were grayish in color. I live in Canada near Ottawa, Ontario and it is in the heart of winter, -30 degrees today. Thanks
Signature: ? i dont know what this means.

Masked Hunter
Masked Hunter

This is a Masked Hunter, a beneficial predator that is frequently found in homes.  Masked Hunters may bite if carelessly handled.

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