Many Plumed Moth from the UK

Subject: 1x moth and 1x bug V
Location: Manchester UK
July 27, 2013 2:34 am
Hi, I found the moth in my kitchen. I havent seen one with the ribbing?? in its wings before, could you identify it. (sorry about poor picture).
the bug I find at my place of work, particularly in the summer. I think that is some kind of wood borer.
many thanks
Signature: Mike Bickley

Many Plumed Moth
Many Plumed Moth

Hi Mike,
We quickly identified your Many Plumed Moth,
Alucita hexadactyla, thanks to Norfolk Moths which states:  “The only British member of its family [Alucitidae]. Can occur any time between late winter and late autumn. Often found hibernating.  Gardens and woodland where foodplant (Honeysuckle) found.  Each wing is separated into 6 ‘plumes’, making the English name for this unusual little moth rather inaccurate!”

Thanks Daniel, really appreciate the ident. I have a lot of honeysuckle growing in my garden…….

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