Many Plumed Moth

Subject: Small Insect with feather-like wings
Location: Ontario
March 14, 2013 5:08 pm
Hi Daniel,
I recently captured this strangely-flying small insect in my house. I photographed it with my macro lens in the evening, hence the yellow-ish photos. Its wing veins do not seem to be joined by membranes and are hairy. Having taken many entomology courses, I find it unfortunate that I cannot seem to identify this insect. I think it does have two sets of wings so it is not a fly. It is most likely a moth or caddis however I am not having much luck locating a similar insect in either groups.
Having some experience offering extension entomology at University of Manitoba, and not much in the way of income, I would like to offer my services to assist in insect identifications (although I don’t have references to Genera-level taxonomy so families are probably the best I can do). I could probably find time to help with one or two a week. Feel free to contact me if that would be helpful. I often post insect photos on my photoblog and I usually try to identify them:
Happy Spring!
Signature: Dalila

Many Plumed Moth
Many Plumed Moth

Dear Dalila,
This fascinating creature is a Many Plumed Moth in the family Alucitidae.  It seems it is in the genus
Alucita according to BugGuide.  Thanks so much for your generous offer.  You can always look at unidentified postings on our site and provide comments if you identify anything.

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