Preying hornet ?
Hi, Love your website !!! This little creature was outside our back door here in New Hampshire. Could you please identify this preying mantis like wasp ?? It was about an inch long. Walks like a preying mantis and acts like one.

(07/11/2008) some sort of mantis?
Great site! Greetings from Forest Park, IL. I snapped this pic of a 1"-long, rather bizarre bug on my door frame. It seems like a mantid of some kind (the head shape and front legs mostly) but I can’t find a resource to confirm it. I hung 2 mantis pods in the backyard this year and have seen smaller, regular looking mantises around, but only one of this variety. Any ideas what it is? Thanks!

Hi Curt,
Your insect is a Mantisfly, a predatory insect related to Lacewings in the order Neuroptera. We are including another letter with your posting, because we really like the person inquiring if it was a Preying Hornet.

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