foud a very unusual bug looks like a cross between praying mantis,damsel fly,wasp.
December 2, 2009
I live in new york.Long Island to be specific.I found a strange very hard to identify bug,damsel fly, praying mantis … WASP?)looks like a mixture of the first two .Has only four legs,two hands or pincers in front like a praying mantis(fold in just like a praying mantis.The eyes are separated like a damsel fly.Only two wings that lay down towards back when resting(but dragon fly or damselfly in appearance),longish body more like a wasp body than a dragon fly body.The bug is aprox.3/4 in long from had to end of body/aprox.1in. from head to end of wings. I just cant identify this bug.My son thinks it’s a mutant.Please help me identify it!I have videos of it and photos.
Annette lubczenko
USA/New york,long Island


Hi Annette,
This is a Mantidfly, and it is related to Lacewings and Antlions.  We believe it is Leptomantispa pulchella, based on images posted to BugGuide.


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  1. i found a bug dead on the grill of my car. i carefully peeled it off however I’m stumped. it has two sets of wings making look like a dragon fly; however, one set is black and yellow like a butterfly the other is just a dark off white color and skinny like a dragon fly. the back legs look like a grasshopper and the head looks like a praying mantis. Either i have an awesome one of a kind bug or something I’ve never seen.


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