Mantis Ootheca saved from the flames

Look what almost burned up with the dead perennials!
Location: Naperville, IL
November 7, 2011 1:47 pm
Dear Daniel~
I am sad that bug season is coming to an end here in Illinois, but at least I can continue to see all the wonderful specimens from more temperate climes, thanks to your web site. It is the time of year when I cut down my dead perennials and prune back some shrubs, most of which end up on my burn pile. I always come across a handful of mantis egg cases in the process, and this one was inches away from the flames when I noticed it. It’s attached to a yew branch, and I also have them this fall on a lilac stem, a raspberry cane and a wire garden fence. I’ve yet to find any on an actual dead perennial, which makes me wonder if the female mantis knows the difference. Have a lovely week!
Signature: -Dori Eldridge

Mantis Ootheca

Hi Dori,
We are happy to hear that this Mantis Ootheca or egg case was spared the flames because you found it before it was tossed onto the bonfire. 

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