Subject: Larva ? attached to a fallen twig
Location: West Los Angeles yard
January 9, 2016 6:11 pm
This is a gray, silver striped, scaley, fattish (3.3 cm by 1.1 cm), thing is tapered at both ends and is stuck fast to a twig from a Kolreuteria bipinata (Chinese golden rain) tree. The exterior is hard and doesn’t respond to light touch.
Signature: Fran Andersen

Mantis Ootheca

Mantis Ootheca

Dear Fran,
This is an ootheca or egg case of a native Preying Mantis in the genus
Stagmomantis.  Many nurseries sell mantis oothecae to appeal to ecologically conscious gardeners, however, they are generally the oothecae of non-native species that will also prey upon smaller native Mantids.

Wow, thank you.  So you guys are sometimes quicker than you warn us to expect.  I was prepared to be patient.  Now I have patience to burn.
Nice going Daniel.  You are good.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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