Conehead Mantis from France

Subject: Preying Mantis?
Location: Lorgues, South France
June 8, 2016 3:32 am
We took this photo of a preying mantis? In south of France last week, beg of June, it was attracted to a garden light in a boules area but the garden was in Provence and surrounded by lots of scrub land. Can you identify it? It had its wings out but fluttered about it didn’t really fly.
I am including a second photo of a really pretty moth same location too! Because it’s so cool!
Signature: Many Thanks Ali and Richard

Conehead Mantis

Dear Ali and Richard,
We just returned to the office after a short holiday, and though we opened your email over a week ago and did some preliminary research, we did not identify your Mantis species.  We will continue to research the matter, but we will be posting it as unidentified until we have more time to research.  We have over a week of identification requests to begin sorting through.  We believe this may be a Conehead Mantis in the family Empusidae based on images posted to BioDiversity Explorer where it states:  “Empusids are slender and are identified by the spines on their protibia which have alternatively one long spine and two to four shorter spines. They also have leaf-like lobes on the femora. The antennae of the males are elongate and doubly pectinate (comb-like) rather than thin and bare as usually found in the mantids. The Empusidae is made up of eight genera with a small number of species scattered across Africa, the Mediterranean region and Asia.”  According to El Mirador del Sol:  “The mantis in the photo is Empusa Pennata, common names conehead mantis in English and mantis palo in Spanish, is a species of praying mantis in genus Empusa. It can be found in Spain and parts of Portugal, France, Lebanon,Central and Southern Italy and Greece.”

Wow that’s amazing I could not find it anywhere! Thank you so much, it looks great in the professional photos I am so pleased we took the photo and followed it up.
Thank You.
Best Wishes
Ali and Richard.


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