Mantis feeding on Tree Frog

Larvae of what?
Hi Mr. Bug Man,
Best regards,
H. Markarian
PS I’ve also attached a beautiful photo of a mantis gorging on a frog.

Dear H,
We wish you had included additional information on both of your images. Also, did you shoot the Mantis photo with the Tree Frog? Was it shot in the wild or in captivity? Where was the photo taken if in the wild? So many unanswered questions on a beautiful image.

Thanks for such a prompt reply to my last email. As regards the mantis eating the tree frog, both were caught from the wild separately and placed in the same container temporarily. We had no idea the mantis would be able to catch, hold and eat an animal much stronger and heavier than it was. I took the photo while the critters were in captivity. Thanks for your time and feedback. You have a fascinating website. Best Regards,
H. Markarian

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