Mantidfly Pupa, we believe

Subject: Bug identification
Location: 15 miles west of Chicago, IL
June 29, 2016 8:54 pm
I live about 15miles outside of Chicago, IL. & just took this picture on June 29th.
The bug was less than an inch long, there are 4 legs in the back, obviously 2 on each side, then looks like a long neck and two “arm-like” legs in the front near the head. The arms look like pinchers but I don’t think they are because they seemed to kind of assist him climb up the brick. Plus I think bugs need at least 6 legs… I didn’t kill him… I was hoping I discovered a new species lol… Jk ?
Thank you!!
Signature: Julie

Mantispid Pupa, we presume
Mantidfly Pupa, we presume

Dear Julie,
This is a predatory Mantispid or Mantidfly in the family Mantispidae, and we thought that perhaps we were looking at an individual that somehow lost its wings.  We turned to BugGuide and we found this very similar looking image identified as
Dicromantispa sayi, and it appears as though it is part of a metamorphosis series of images.  That makes us wonder if it is a pupa.  Did it move about or was it stationary?  We are going to contact Eric Eaton to try to get some clarification on this.  We continued to research and we found this image on pBase where it states:  “This mobile pupa of a mantisfly, having recently left its cocoon, is wandering in the rain on a mossy log.”  That would imply that your individual is preparing to molt one final time before emerging as a winged adult Mantidfly.  Mantidflies are related to Lacewings and Antlions.

Thanks for replying!! What an interesting looking creature.
As for moving, he was up at eye level on the brick wall of my house and it seemed the “arms” were assisting him in moving but he wasn’t quick and maybe moved a few centimeters when I saw him. But how did he get up so high? Interesting…

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