Mango Stem Borer from India

Unknown large green long-antennaed Indian insect
April 24, 2010
I stayed in Bangalore for four months last year and saw this bug on my door one day. If I remember right, it made a loud buzzing noise when it flew. It seemed to prefer sticking to walls, though. I only saw it once, around May in Bangalore, India.
Benjamin C. Krause
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Mango Stem Borer

Dear Benjamin,
Your Longhorned Borer Beetle is a Mango Stem Borer, Batocera rufomaculata, a species we have identified several times in the past.  It is considered a pest species of mango, fig and avocado trees where the larvae burrow in the wood.

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  1. Yesterday,I sleep well ,I felt there some on my hand . I wake up and light it on , it found to be mango stem borer , so kindly say what happens , when bites . What treatment we have to take ?


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