Subject: Blister beetle?
Location: Hyderabad, India
August 5, 2015 9:40 pm
I would like to know what type of bug this is.
Signature: Rekha Sekhri

Man Faced Bug

Man Faced Stink Bug

Dear Rekha,
The first clue we had to your Stink Bug’s identity was a posting on Project Noah that identified a similar looking insect as a member of the genus
Catacanthus with the common names Man Face Bug or Red Stink Bug.  Scientific American identifies the Man Faced Stink Bug as Catacanthus incarnatus, includes a nice illustration with red, orange, yellow and cream colored variations within the species, and notes:  “Discovered in 1778 by British entomologist, Dru Drury, the species hails from Southeast Asia and India, where it congregates in dense groups of several hundred on fruit trees and flowering flame trees. Man-Faced Stink Bugs can come in several colours, such as red, yellow, orange and cream, and it’s thought that these mostly bold colours exist to warn predators that the bug is either poisonous or at least tastes horrible. The bizarre face pattern could also function as a defence mechanism, with the pseudo-eyespots drawing attention away from the vulnerable head area.  Also known as shield bugs, Man-Faced Stink Bugs have a thick, hardened extension of the thorax, called a scutellum, that covers and protects the top of its abdomen. It sometimes has two prominent black dots on its scutellum, but always has a pair of big, black spots on its leathery wings.”  India Nature Watch includes an image of a mating pair of yellow Man Faced Stink Bugs.

Location: Hyderabad, India

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