Mammoth Wasp from Singapore

Subject: Ant or Wasp?
Location: Singapore
October 12, 2016 1:28 pm
I took this picture in Kitchen Garden, Pasir Ris Park of Singapore on a fine October morning. I can’t figure out whether this is an ant or a wasp. Help appreciated. Thanks!
Signature: Teng

Mammoth Wasp: Scolia species
Mammoth Wasp: Scolia species

Dear Teng,
Your image of a Mammoth Wasp (AKA Flower Wasp or Scarab Hunter) in the family Scoliidae is gorgeous.  It looks very similar to this FlickR image from Indonesia of
Scolia vollenhoveni, and we suspect it is either the same species or a closely related species in the same genus.  Of the North American species, BugGuide notes:  “Larvae are parasitoids of ground-dwelling scarab grubs, esp. Phyllophaga; adults take nectar.”   Of the genus, BugGuide notes:  “7 spp. in our area, a great many more in the Old World (30 in Europe alone).”

Dear Daniel,
Thanks a million!

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