Male Valley Carpenter Bee, dead of unknown causes

Big flying orange insect
Location: Las vegas, nv
April 15, 2011 8:19 pm
We currently live in las vegas nv and we have a problem with black carpenter bees but just recently we started seeing these orange furry bees similar to the carpenter bee and has been behaving as one would but they seem to be a lot more aggressive. I would liked to know if they are harmful as I have three young children any help would be great thanks.
Signature: Crystal

Valley Carpenter Bee: Unnecessary Carnage???

Dear Crystal,
This male Valley Carpenter Bee does not appear to have died of natural causes.  Female Valley Carpenter Bees are large black bees that spend much of their time gathering pollen to provision a nest that is excavated in wood.  We have read in Charles Hogue’s excellent book, Insects of the Los Angeles Basin, that they are especially attracted to telephone poles as nesting sites.  The Valley Carpenter Bee exhibits pronounced sexual dimorphism.  The male is a beautiful golden color with green eyes.  Male Valley Carpenter Bees are incapable of stinging.  They do aggressively defend their territory, however, they cannot harm people, including young children, nor will they harm pets.  Though female Valley Carpenter Bees might sting, they are not aggressive insects.

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