Male Valley Carpenter Bee

Subject: Mad as a hornet
Location: San Jose, CA
March 19, 2016 4:26 pm
Five or six of these appeared in my yard and the rest of them are still doing laps but I caught one and cannot figure out what it is.
Signature: Kate

Male Valley Carpenter Bee
Male Valley Carpenter Bee

Dear Kate,
You would probably also get mad if someone trapped you under glass and wouldn’t let you free.  This is a harmless male Valley Carpenter Bee.  Male bees cannot sting.  The sexually dimorphic black female Valley Carpenter Bee is capable of stinging, but seldom does.

Thank you!
I let it go after about 15 minutes. Such a fascinating creature!
Kate Russell

We are glad to hear that Kate.  Though they cannot sting, male Valley Carpenter Bees seem more aggressive as they defend territory.  They are also much more wary when they fly.  Female Valley Carpenter Bees are more lumbering in their flight.

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