Subject: Inch long far hairy yellow flying insect
Location: Walnut creek California
March 19, 2014 11:21 pm
I found this bug dying on my lawn today and am wondering if it is anything to be concerned about with respect to sting allergies? I have not seen it before and it’s size is concerning: an inch long, maybe more, very yellow and very hairy
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Male Valley Carpenter Bee

Male Valley Carpenter Bee

This is a male Valley Carpenter Bee, and we just featured a posting of a sighting in after our own posting with a Mount Washington, Los Angeles sighting.  Male Bees, including Valley Carpenter Bees, are incapable of stinging because the stinger is a modified ovipositor, an organ for laying eggs, and only female bees can lay eggs.  Female Valley Carpenter Bees are black.

Location: Walnut Creek, California

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  1. Andrea Chivers says:

    I live on a now very busy corner in Arlington, VA. I have an unintenyional 4’x8′ and spreading spearmint patch.

    This my first attempt to find out what wasp-looking, but not aggressive, bug that has a somewhat iridescent blue sheen over its thorax and wings, two yellow dots on its upper abdomen, and a definite red butt. It’s red over about .4 of is abdomen. Could it be a fly? The biggest ones are 1″ mandible to wherever they might sting me with. There seem to be more of them all over the spearmint every year, and some are smaller, They seem very calm for Hymenopterans

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