Male Valley Carpenter Bee

Bee? Fly? Moth? I don’t know….
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
November 5, 2010 8:46 am
Good Morning, A friend of mine posted a picture of a bug, that’s been sluggishly hanging around her patio for 3 days. I have been going to numerous websites, to no avail. I even tried to contact The Ohio State Entemology department, who blew me off. Here’s the info. Any consideration is appreciated.
Signature: Brian VanTilburg

Male Valley Carpenter Bee

Hi Brian,
We fired off a quick response to you before heading to work because we did not want you to accuse WTB? of also blowing you off, though in defense of the Ohio State Entomology Department, they may not have much experience with the Valley Carpenter Bees that are so common in Southern California.  This is a male Valley Carpenter Bee.  The species exhibits somewhat extreme sexual dimorphism.  The female Valley Carpenter Bee is a glossy black insect with dark wings while the male is a lovely golden color with green eyes.  It is our observation that the males are also more nervous in their flight patterns, generally avoiding contact with people, while females relentlessly gather honey and pollen to feed the brood without seeming to notice human observers.

Yes, “blew me off” may have been a rash & a bit of a rude comment.  I’m sure they are busy at the university.  Again, thank you for your speedy response.  I’ve located the VCB on your site & I must say that brilliant blue bee from Malaysia was incredible!  Thanks for all you do!

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