Giant Wasp look-a-like damselfly
Location: Pandora, Ohio – NW OH Rural town on Creek
August 30, 2011 8:51 pm
Saw this giant bug today by the woodpile. I thought it was some sort of damsel fly, but it has antennae!? Sort of looks like a giant wasp too? Very weird. I live in NW Ohio on a creek. We were cutting down trees, and it was hanging out with a smaller mate, on the wood pile. Very docile and calm. Can you identify it ?
Signature: Itching to find out

Male Giant Ichneumon

Dear Itching to find out,
Stop your scratching.  This is a male Giant Ichneumon in the genus
Megarhyssa, probably Megarhyssa macrurus. The Giant Ichnuemons, we recently learned, are called Stump Stabbers because of the long ovipositor of the the female.  We rarely get photos of male Giant Ichneumons, so we are very pleased to be able to post your beautiful images.

Male Stump Stabber

The hole in the wood in the lower right of one of your photos is most likely the exit hole of either this individual, one of its siblings, or possibly, its host insect the Pigeon Horntail.  Giant Ichneumons parasitize the wood boring larvae of Wood Wasps like the Pigeon Horntail.  Ichneumons are classified with wasps and bees in the order Hymenoptera.  Thank you for including a photo with a human finger for scale.

Male Giant Ichneumon

Awesome !  Thanks for the info – – glad I could be of help as well !   I will go out again today to see if I see them again !



Location: Ohio

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