Male Rainbow Scarab

Decent Picture of Male Rainbow Scarab in East Texas (I think)
Dear Bugman,
I really enjoy your site, & I have a bug that I have been trying to positively identify for awhile now. From what I can dig up (using the right keywords & google), I have found & documented a male rainbow scarab. I am no bug person… but this guy was so intriguing, so amazingly colored & shaped, & I would really like to know if he is, indeed, a rainbow scarab. I found him (bug) ambling around an East Texas farm (BaliTeal Farm) while on a weekend trip with my mother & Grandmother. Any help would be appreciated, but not expected. Also, if you would like to use this photo, you can use it as much as you want, provided you don’t charge for it.

Hi Alice,
You are much too humble. Your photo is marvelous, much better than merely decent. This is indeed a Male Rainbow Scarab, Phanaeus vindex, one of the Dung Beetles.

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