Male Rainbow Scarab

Rainbow Scarab Beetle Question
Hi—your site helped me ID this gorgeous dung beetle as a male Rainbow Scarab. I was just wondering if he uses a carnivore’s dung (my dog) or has he come a much further distance (no large animals very local). I have lived in MA my whole life and have never seen one of these. They really are very beautiful. I wish my pics could catch the iridescent colors. I also love the way they walk!! Quite un-insect like! And very strong—I put a small glass votive over him on my deck to catch him and he pushed it along til I took him out. What a little power-house. Thank You. Great site—keep up the good work!
Heather Sanborn
East Taunton MA

Hi Heather,
We suspect that Dung Beetles prefer the dung of herbivores, but we have heard reports of them using dog dung as well. Nice photo of a Rainbow Scarab.

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