Moth at Waldo Lake, Oregon
Location: Waldo Lake, Central Cascades, Oregon
August 1, 2011 10:38 pm
It looked more like a fly or mosquito but up close I’d say it’s a moth. Any idea what kind of moth?
Signature: Richard

Unknown Male Midge

Hi Richard,
Your initial instinct was correct.  This is not a moth, despite its feathery antennae.  It is a Midge, a group of Flies closely classified with Mosquitoes.  There are Biting Midges and those that do not bite, but alas, we have had no luck identifying the species you submitted.  We can tell you that it is a male based on the feathery antennae.  You can try searching through the insects posted to BugGuide under the infraorder Culicomorpha and you might have better luck than we have had.

Location: Oregon

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