Texas Unicorn Mantis

Subject:  Unusual mantid
Geographic location of the bug:  San Antonio, Tx
Date: 11/19/2017
Time: 06:58 PM EDT
We are having unusual weather (albeit weather varies by the hour here!) and a cold front blew through yesterday. I returned home this afternoon to this beautiful specimen outside my garage. This is not the normal plains mantid I am used to seeing around my house, and am marveling at how much larger it appears! Do you have any basic identification to send me to look at so I can tell my son a little about it?
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Texas Unicorn Mantis

Dear Bug lover,
We believe based on this and some other BugGuide images, that this is a male mantis in the genus
Stagmomantis, and there are several members of the genus found in Texas.  This is a native genus, and compared to introduced species like the Chinese Mantis and the European Mantis, it is much smaller in size.  Furthermore, the males are smaller than the females.  We do not know the “plains mantid” to which you refer.  Can you please be more specific about the “plains mantid”?

Correction:  Texas Unicorn Mantis
We received a comment from Michael correcting our initial identification.  Enlarging the head revealed the “horn” we originally missed.

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