Male Horse Fly: Chlorotabanus crepuscularis

Subject: What kind of insect is this?
Location: Wesley Chapel, Florida
April 11, 2015 7:42 am
Hello Bugman,
I have a butterfly garden in Florida and have found many strange insects but cannot figure out what this little guy is.
Any information is much appreciated!
Signature: Michele M.

Male Horse Fly:  Chlorotabanus crepuscularis
Male Horse Fly: Chlorotabanus crepuscularis

Dear Michele,
This is really a gorgeous image of a male Horse Fly. We verified its identity as
Chlorotabanus crepuscularis on BugGuide where it states: “Females feed on mammalian blood.  …  As with all the blood-feeding tabanids, the females are responsive to Carbon Dioxide. I caught over 500 females in one night with a trap baited with dry ice in coastal South Carolina. Will also come to lights at night.  Regarded as a pest species in Florida.”  The closeness of the eyes indicates that this is a non-biting male Horse Fly.  Female Horse Flies have a space between the eyes.

Wow!  A horse fly!
I never would have guessed!
I love insects and never use pesticides.  I just love seeing their beauty up close.
Thanks so much for your speedy answer and expertise,
Michele Mistretta

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