Male Hercules Beetle

Subject: Hercules Beetle
Location: southport, NC
August 5, 2013 12:15 pm
Found this little guy flipped on his back not moving at all about to be run over at our checkpoint, so I picked him up moved him to a baracade. Looked 5mins later and he was cruising along. We thought he was dead. He is an awesome bug. So strong. Apparently they can lift 1, 150 times there body weight
Signature: D. Barr

Male Eastern Hercules Beetle
Male Eastern Hercules Beetle

Dear D. Barr,
We were away from the office for 2 1/2 weeks in August, during our busiest request season each year, and we did not respond to any requests at that time.  We are trying to post one letter at a time from this unanswered deluge of requests.  Your letter is being tagged with the Bug Humanitarian Award for your kindness to this male Eastern Hercules Beetle.

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  1. I can verify the enormous strength and resilience of this beetle.

    Earlier this month, I had my first encounter with one of these guys by accidentally stepping on him at a gas station. I’m about 225 pounds — and not only did the big guy not get crushed, he pushed my foot back up hard enough for me to notice it!


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