Male Grizzled Mantis

Florida bug
Location: Spring Hill, Florida
November 21, 2011 10:04 am
Greetings! I live in west-central Florida and found this sitting on the wall outside my front door. Its face looks like a praying mantis but I couldn’t find any picture of one in a similar life stage. What is it? Thanks!!
Signature: Emmy

Grizzled Mantis

Hi Emmy,
This insect looks like a Mantis because it is a Mantis, a Grizzled Mantis,
Gonatista grisea more specifically.  They are very well camouflaged on tree bark.  It is also known as a Lichen Mimic Mantis.  Your individual is a male.  Females have shorter wings.

Daniel, thank you so much!!! I appreciate your response and will share with all who I made curious!  🙂

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