Male Emerald Darner

Subject: Dragonfly
Location: Seaside
July 26, 2016 8:42 am
Can you identify which kind of dragonfly this is and also if it is male or female? Just curious really. Found this beauty on the deck in Seaside.
Signature: Cat

Emerald Darner, we believe
Emerald Darner, we believe

Dear Cat,
Where is the seaside?  The Jersey Shore?  Miami Beach?  Australia?  The south of France???  The claspers on the tip of the abdomen indicates this is a male Dragonfly.  You can find information on sexing Dragonflies on Odes for Beginners.  If this is a North American sighting, this might be an Mosaic Darner in the genus
Aeshna based on BugGuide images.

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