Male Eastern Hercules Beetle

Subject: Putting Hercules on the map!
Location: Howard County, Maryland
July 14, 2013 5:01 am
Over two years ago, we came across this beetle sitting under the car tire in the driveway. He was very mellow and interesting. His feet felt like Velcro and could cling to ANYTHING!!
We let him go in the backyard and haven’t seen another one since. 🙁
Thanks for this website! I came searching for centipedes in your gut (and think I need to call my doctor tomorrow) and found the Hercules Beetle as well.
Signature: Buggy in MD

Male Eastern Hercules Beetle
Male Eastern Hercules Beetle

Dear Buggy in MD,
Though your photo is several years old, it is quite timely since we have been getting reports of Eastern Hercules Beetles for the past few weeks.  We are sorry to hear about the Centipede in your gut.  When we first ran that posting, we were a bit amazed.

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