Male Eastern Carpenter Bee

Male Carpenter Bee
Hey guys, thanks again for the website. I concur with everyone who says they love it. Here are some pics of a Male Carpenter Bee, as you can see the white patch on his face. These were taken back in April of ’06. I was able to get SUPER close to him. The reason for this is that he wouldn’t move; it’s like he was hibernating. Would you know what reasons there might be for him not moving? Asleep? It was also early in the morning(7:30) and was pretty cold. He was not far from his nest as my apartment has wooden stairs and the bee’s nest was in those stairs. Thanks for any help you can give.
Adam S.
Olathe, KS 38°52′51″N, 94°48′11″W

Male Eastern Carpenter Bee
Male Eastern Carpenter Bee

Hi Adam,
We had been meaning to respond and post your letter sooner, but the duties of posting got away from us this past weekend. Your photo of a male Eastern Carpenter Bee, Xylocopa virginica, is a welcome addition to our archives. According to BugGuide: “Large, black hairless abdomen, yellow pile on thorax. Males have yellow/white face. Common in eastern North America, and the only member of its genus in much of range.” The sluggish behavior you describe is probably a result of the cool morning since bees need warmth to become active. Also, it he was newly metamorphosed, he might have never attempted flight. Warmth is a consideration either way.

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