Male Carpenter Bee from Florida

Subject: Super large bee
Location: Tampa Florida
February 21, 2013 6:47 pm
We found this bee in our yard in Tampa on Feb 21, 2013. It measures 2 inches long.
Signature: Lsolie

Male Carpenter Bee
Male Carpenter Bee

Dear Lsolie,
This is a male Carpenter Bee, and we don’t believe it is a species native to Florida.  Members of the subgenus
Neoxylocopa which includes the Valley Carpenter Bee, exhibit sexual dimorphism and the males are golden while the females are black.  BugGuide lists the range as:  “essentially a neotropical group, with a couple of spp. restricted to Pacific islands; in our area, one sp. widely western (to sw. BC), another only along the Mexican border (TX-AZ).”  To the best of our knowledge, no Carpenter Bees from eastern North America have golden males, though there are native Carpenter Bees. 

3 thoughts on “Male Carpenter Bee from Florida”

  1. Ive seen a bee that looks identical to the female of this type of carpenter bee in florida within the last year. I am in ft myers area.

  2. I just saw a male exactly like the photo visiting shamrocks blossoms in my yard in Tampa, Florida. I’ve seen the metalic black females for years here. They far outnumber the regular bumble bees in my yard.

  3. Looks like we’re may have a “nest” in St Pete. They bore holes in a dead branch, and we see the young ones, crawling around, struggling to fly once they get out.


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