Subject: orange bee in Cuba
Location: Sierra del Rosario near Las Terrazas in Cuba
April 28, 2017 4:48 am
Dear WTB team.
Could you please help me with the identification of this loud orange bee? Here are the details:
Location: Sierra del Rosario near Las Terrazas in Cuba
Time and date: 26th February 2017 – 13:30h
Size: about 1,5 cm, maybe 2 cm (0.59 inch, maybe 0.79 inch)
I did some search in the Internet, until now I have only come up with this orange bee: valley carpenter bee (Xylocopa varipuncta). But that’s probably not the one, since you can find him only in the western parts of America.
Thanks in advance dear WTB team,
best regards,
Signature: Becky from Munich-Germany

Male Carpenter Bee

Dear Becky,
This is definitely a male Carpenter Bee in the genus
Xylocopa, and it does resemble a male Valley Carpenter Bee found in the Southwestern United States, but as you found out, it is not reported from the Caribbean.  Many species in the genus Xylocopa exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism, and males are frequently golden in color.  We did find a FlickR image of a black female Cuban Carpenter Bee, Xylocopa cubaecola, and we suspect your images are of a male from the same species.

Male Carpenter Bee

Dear Daniel.
Thanks a lot for the identification! And what an interesting bee, look at the male and female… totally different!!
B.t.w., really love your site, I can learn a lot from it and it helps me a lot to identify my insekt pics.
Bye-bye, Becky

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