Male Black Horse Fly

Subject: I know it’s not a fly.
Location: Lebanon, IN. cornfield
July 26, 2016 8:34 pm
I’ve asked anyone and everyone. “It’s just a horse fly” , I know thats not it. This thing is so bizarre. It would fill a gatoraid cap perfect. Its all black with orange on the feet. Humungus grey orbs for eyes. I’d really love to know what it’s called. If I’m wrong, so sorry and thank you.
Signature: Laura Kniola

Male Black Horse Fly
Male Black Horse Fly

Dear Laura,
“Just a horse fly” is so dismissive of a magnificent family of flies, but this is in fact a male Black Horse Fly.  Male Horse Flies have enormous eyes with no space between them, which is an easy way to distinguish between the sexes.  Only female Horse Flies are blood-sucking biters, and they have a distinct space between their eyes.

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