Malaysian Flower Chafers Mating

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Hi bugfolks,
Love, love, love your site, thank you! I have attached a picture I’d like to contribute to your Bug Love section. It was taken in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. If you know what they are, I’d love to know, but I think it’s a cool picture anyway. Again, wonderful site!

Hi Mariane,
We don’t recognize your beautiful Malaysian Scarab Beetles. Perhaps one of our readers will write in with a species identification. We have seen this species embedded in lucite and sold as keychains in Chinatown and at swap meets.

This scarab belongs to the Cetoniinae subfamily, Flower Chafers or Flower Scarabs. It is an Agestrata species but I don’t know which one, as apparently there are several which are all rather similar. It seems not to be A. luzonica or A. orichalca. Take a look at:

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