Magenta Dragonfly from Hong Kong is Trithemis aurora

pink dragonfly
Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 2:55 PM
his beauty is from my trip to Hong Kong in August. I have never seen one this color and thought I would share it with you for the upcoming holiday season…even though it is hot pink.
hong kong

Unknown Dragonfly
Trithemis aurora

Dear polymersn,
Magenta is quite an unusual color in the insect world. Certain katydids have this bright jarring coloration, but they are color sports and not typical. We have never seen such color in a Dragonfly, but a google search for “pink dragonfly hong kong” turned up a matching image on Flicker identified as Trithemis aurora. The TrekNature website has information on the species, but the image is not of a brightly colored individual. There is also online reference to the common name Dawn Dropwing or Crimson Dropwing. We visited numerous websites while trying to gather information on the Dawn Dropwing, and there are many photographs posted online, but your photo is, in our critical estimation, the loveliest we encountered.

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  1. I JUST SAW ONE THIS MORNING, roaming the fields of the redlands in south Florida, in the Homestead zip code of 33031, if anybody’s tracking new sightings. Startling color, indeed!

  2. A friend and I recently spotted a dragonfly of this color near a creek here in Texas. It was too fast to get a good photo of him but the color was amazing.

  3. These Magenta or fuchsia Dragonflies are daily visitors in our pond in Northern Nicaragua. I am hoping to learn more about them. Ours are between 2.5 to three inches long and there about twenty flying over the water from about 10 Am to 3 PM.


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