Macadamia Cup Moth Caterpillar from Australia

Subject:  Colourful from Australia
Geographic location of the bug:  Sydney
Date: 05/07/2018
Time: 05:31 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi Bugman, a friend of us found this in Sydney and we have no clue what it is. It’s very beautiful.
How you want your letter signed:  Nexus6

Macadamia Cup Moth Caterpillar:  Mecytha fasciata

We’ve solved the mystery :  There is a parent at our school who is an entomologist. It is the caterpillar of the Macadamia Cup Moth ( Mecytha fasciata ). It will turn into a little brown and white furry moth.
Kind regards

Dear Thomas,
Thanks for getting back to us.  Of course, though you have provided an identification, we are still posting your image and query because we could not pass up a subject line:  “Colourful from Australia.”  In North America, this family is commonly called the Stinging Slug Caterpillars because many species have venomous spines.
  The Macadamia Cup Moth Caterpillar is also pictured on Australian Nature and Dave’s Garden.  According to Butterfly House “This Caterpillar is green with a yellow stripe down its back. Unusually for this family, it has no tubercles, but is smoothly rounded.”  That is an indication this species does not sting.

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