Luna Moth
I was so excited to see this beautiful moth on Manitoulin Island. As a child growing up, I used to raise (for lack of a better word) cecropia moths, much to my mother’s dismay since the caterpillars have voracious appetites and make short work of the tree they develop in. You can immagine my excitement when I saw this huge beauty just sitting on a door frame more than happy to pose for the camera. I have included a close-up of the head and shoulder area that nicely picks up the detail of the hairs and feathery antanae. I had never seen one of these before and later found out it was a Luna moth. I also found out that they are not common in Ontario. Fortunately for me, they are plentiful on Manitoulin Island, according to the locals. Hopefully they will continue to thrive on this Island for future generations to enjoy

Hi Nadjia,
Thanks for the touching letter.

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