Subject: Luna Moth in Virginia
Location: Midlothian, VA
July 31, 2015 8:34 am
This was a luna moth I spotted yesterday in Midlothian, VA. I had never seen one before! It is amazing! I put my finger up to it to try to show how large it is. All I really accomplished was to show how much I need a manicure! 🙂
Also, just an FYI – your site has really tacky ads with very inappropriate content. I won’t recommend children to visit this site because of that. I closed it out and commented that it was inappropriate. Just wanted to let you know so you could contact your provider or something.
Signature: Nancy Morin

Luna Moth

Luna Moth

Dear Nancy,
Thanks for sending in your image of a gorgeous Luna Moth.  We did not receive as many submissions of Luna Moths this year as we have in the past.  Thanks for expressing your concern regarding “tacky ads with very inappropriate content” but the fact is that we cannot afford to run our site without Google ads.  Out of curiosity, we viewed our homepage just prior to crafting our response to you, and we found ads for Solar Energy, Dresses and a Flea and Tick Collar on our own computer.  A few minutes later those were replaced by a popular car company, a medical condition with unsavory symptoms and extreme urban stunts.  Because of the preponderance of exterminators that use Google Ads, and because we cannot control the advertisers, many years ago we added the disclaimer on our site above the first ad that “What’s That Bug? does not endorse extermination” to distance our actual content from the advertisements.  It is our understanding that Google ads are also very specific to the personal computer upon which they appear.  According to Wikipedia, the advertisements :  “are targeted to site content and audience,” meaning that the activity on your own computer has some effect on the ads that are generated.  So, if someone using your computer did research on buying a new car, when you later visit What’s That Bug? you might see car ads appear.  You were not very specific about the content you observed, but at least we have never seen a Google ad for pornography crop up on our site.  In a perfect world, we could operate without any advertisements, but that time has not yet come.  We are sorry that you cannot recommend the site to children because we believe our actual content is very PG rated, and when we do address adult themes, we resort to wit before vulgarity.

More on our Google Ads
Your Page Ads
August 5, 2015 4:25 pm
OK…I love butterflies but your ads like the one below “lengthen Your Healthspan” with the naked woman with black thin leather straps around her “flesh” is unexceptible for your PG site.  The other person commenting recently was correct.
Signature: Lee

Thanks for your concern Lee, but as we stated previously, we cannot control the content of the google ads and we cannot run our site without advertisers.  We will copy our technical staff to further investigate.

Location: Midlothian, Virginia

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