Luna Moth newly metamorphosed

Large, furry, moth with leaf like wings?
April 19, 2010
My bug loving children squealed for me to grab my camera when they spotted this beautiful gal in the driveway just now. She’s so brightly colored and furry. I’ve never seen anything like this and would love to know if she is a moth. She’s about two inches long. Her wings look like leaves. Her beige antennae are an amazing feathery detail. Her legs are furry and red while her body is white. Any help is appreciated. I tried to get detailed photos to fully capture her beauty.
Resa in Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

Luna Moth

Furry Moth…one more thing…
April 19, 2010
Whoa! I just noticed in my photos that the moth’s wings changed colors from the yellowish on the ground to a bright green when she walked onto the stick. Are they still developing or do they have ninja skills?
Sorry for duping the pics. Seems I can’t just send a whoa revelation without a pic.

Luna Moth

Hi Resa,
Your Luna Moth is freshly metamorphosed, having just emerged from its cocoon.  Its wings are not yet expanded for flight.  That should take a few additional hours, and it should be ready to fly after sunset.

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