Subject: Luna moth
Location: Atlanta Georgia
April 3, 2017 12:09 pm
I live near Atlanta. This Luna Moth has been on my porch for two days. Considering how short his/her life cycle is, he needs to get busy. Can anyone tell,the sex from the picture?
Signature: Tom

Luna Moth

Dear Tom,
The most obvious way to tell a male Luna Moth from a female Luna Moth is the antennae, which are much more developed in the male so he can sense the female.  Female Luna Moths are quite heavy when filled with eggs, so they may not fly much until they have mated.  An unmated Luna Moth may wait for a mate.  A male Luna Moth might not waste energy flying until he senses a female.  Alas, for some reason, the antennae in your image are not obvious.  It appears they are larger, hence that of a male, but again, the detail is somewhat blurry, so we cannot be certain.

Luna Moth: Male or Female???

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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