Luna Moth

Cocoon Hatched Today! It was a Luna Moth!
My 9 year old granddaughter found a cocoon out in the yard last week and we brought it inside. I placed it on my kitchen counter and forgot all about it. It has now been two weeks and guess what I found on my kitchen blinds whenI arrived home today? You guess it, this male beauty! He is a very large as you can tell from the photo of it on my hand. When I went to search what the Luna Moth eats I came across your website. I did not want to put it outside in our 30 degree nights as was afraid it would freeze and did not want it to die. I was very disappointed to read they don’t have a mouth as they don’t eat and only live for a few days after they hatch… such a shame. I was even more unset that the walnut tree I had cut down is one of the places where these moths lay their eggs! Please feel free to use any of the photos if you want to add anymore to your wonderful website. Thank you for all the information you have posted for us to learn about these beautiful moths. MS. DARNELL MOONDA FUGATE
Macon, Georgia

Dear Ms. Fugate,
Thank you for sending us your wonderful story and beautiful photos.

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