Luna Moth

Subject: My First Ever Luna Moon Moth. ( I think. )
Location: Canton GA
May 10, 2015 1:47 pm
This Mother’s Day morning I got up to get my first cup of coffee and it’s still dark out with the slightest light peaking through . We live in town but on top of a mountain that was partly destroyed by a storm . So there are only two houses at the bottom then drive up to the top and that’s us and we are surrounded by a forest it’s like you are teleported into a different world , cause you know that the closest store is only half mile away.
I am a smoker and normally smoke inside but I had been watching a friends kids for the weekend and I do not smoke sorry anyway I go out to smoke and as I light my cigarette a huge winged thing is slowly crawling up the wall to my French doors. I scream cause I am caught off guard. It stays that way from 545am until 500pm then it starts to shake or vibrate and then flies off. It was so beautiful it let me get as close as I wanted I did not touch it because I was afraid the oils or nicotine on my hands would hurt it. I was in awwww after took the pics and then even more when it took flight.n
Signature: Renee Duran

Luna Moth
Luna Moth

Congratulations on your Luna Moth sighting Renee.  Your experience is enviable.

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